On this page I grouped all the articles I wrote and published on the In search of Right Words & Travelling stories blogs. They are listed by themes. Most of the articles are in English, while some others are available in Romanian, my mother tongue, and French, my third language.

I found useful to write down and share my life experiences around the following themes: ‘Travelling stories’, ‘Back to School events’, ‘Music, a language everybody understands’, ‘Multilingual Blogging Day’, ‘Social Media’, ‘Web publishing’, ‘Cultures & Communication’, ‘Literature review’, and ‘Culture’.

I published my first blog article in 2013. Little by little blogging has become an activity, which I mostly enjoy at week-ends, in my spare time. Blogging responds to my needs to preserve written records of my cultural experiences, which I can revisit whenever I need.

Most of the articles are accompanied by photos taken by myself. I have tried to get to the readers who do not read my languages. But they can enjoy relevant photos, which hold particular meanings. I hope that their visual messages pass to the readers.


Spain’s Seville and its stunning attractions (16-23.05.2018)

A red hillock of wild poppies in the heart of Brussels (27.05.2018)

Hallerbos: The 2018 Belgian Bluebell Festival (29.04.2018)
Hallerbos, minunea purpurie-albastră a Belgiei (Romanian, 28.04.2018)
Little peacock of the woods, tell me who I miss? (22.04.2018)
Tulips & their blended symbols (21.04.2018)
Spring turns plants into floral poems in Brussels’s Jubelpark (20.04.2018)
Floralia : Le paradis des couleurs et des formes printanières (French, 17.04.2018 )
Floralia, the heaven of spring’s colours & forms (16.04.2018)
Floralia sau paradisul culorilor și formelor primăverii (Romanian, 15.04.2018)
Hallerbos and its green-free colour shows (01.04.2018)
The magic blue carpets of Hallerbos in Belgium (31.03.2018)

Ovidenia Church in Focșani: A stunning art masterpiece in the city’s heart (15.10.2017)
Byzantine icons that make the world stand still (14.10.2017)

Back to School events (2017)

An unforgettable week in Lyon, France (2017)

Brussels’s Midi Market (10.09.2017)

Amazing Sardinia (28.05.2017-04.06.2017)

Le miracle bleu-violet du Bois de Hal en Belgique  (French, 25.04.2017)
Miracolul violet-albăstrui al Pădurii din Halle, Belgia (Romanian, 24.04.2017)
Hallerbos purple-blue miracle (23.04.2017)
Brussels’s Tulip time (05.04.2017)
Hallerbos’s galaxy of windflower stars (02.04.2017)
Spring composition: Natural complementary colours (31.03.2017)
Evere’s Windmill and its cultural heartbeat (29.03.2017)
Vanderhulst Garden’s springtime in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (16.04.2017)
My green grass from home (13.04.2017)
Floralia: Brussels’s Flower Festival (09.04.2017)
Iarba mea verde de acasă (Romanian, 12.04.2017)
Duminica Floriilor la Floralia, în Bruxelles (Romanian, 10.04.2017)
Vremea lalelelor în Bruxelles (Romanian, 06.04.2017)
Evere’s Bon Pasteur Park (17.01.2017)
Catedrala din Aachen, Germania: Opt motive pentru a o vizita (Romanian, 08.01.2017)
Eight reasons to visit Aachen Cathedral in Germany (06.01.2017)
Aachen’s St. Nicholas Church, in Germany (04.01.2017)
Happy New Year 2017! Bonne année 2017 ! Un An Nou fericit în 2017! (31.12.2016)
Aachen, a gate to the living European history (11.12.2016)
Unter den Linden: Cel mai cunoscut bulevard al Berlinului (Romanian, 30.12.2016)
Unter den Linden: Berlin’s most famous boulevard (07.12.2016)
Târgurile de Crăciun ale Berlinului (Romanian, 10.12.2016)
Berlin’s Christmas Markets 2016 (06.12.2016)
Biserica memorială Kaiser Wilhelm din Berlin, o punte symbol (Romanian, 04.12.2016)
Berlin’s Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church or how to bridge two worlds (03.12.2016)
Berlinul şi ursul, mascota sa (Romanian, 02.12.2016)
Berlin and its bear icon (01.12.2016)
Evere’s St. Vincent Church (06.10.2016)
Le tapis de fleurs de Bruxelles: Un anniversaire de 20 ans (French, 15.08.2016)
Covorul de flori din Bruxelles: Sărbătorind cultura niponă (Romanian, 14.08.2016)
Brussels Flower Carpet: Celebrating 20 years in Japanese style (13.08.2016)
Ceasul de apă-saxofon din Dinant, Belgia (Romanian, 09.08.2016)
Dinant’s saxophone-shaped water clock (08.08.2016)
Podul saxofoanelor din Dinant, Belgia (Romanian, 07.08.2016)
A Bridge of Saxophones: Dinant, Belgium (06.08.2016)
Le Jardin Vanderhulst: Un trésor vivant à Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (French, 12.07.2016)
Comorile grădinii Vanderhulst din Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgia (Romanian, 11.07.2016)
One-of-a-kind places: The Vanderhulst Garden in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (10.07.2016)
One-of-a-kind places: Josaphat Park, in Schaerbeek, Brussels (08.05.2016)
Schaerbeek’s donkeys and horses making a difference (02.05.2016)
Halle’s blue-purple emotion in Belgium (27.04.2016)
La forêt bleu-violette à Hal en Belgique (French, 27.04.2016)
Pădurea albastră-purpurie din Halle, Belgia (Romanian, 26.04.2016)
Château d’Eltz: Un véritable trésor à voir (French, 18.04.2016)
Eltz Castle: A special place to behold (17.04.2016)
Castelul Eltz: O atracție turistică unică (Romanian, 16.04.2016)
Durbuy, cel mai mic oraș al lumii (Romanian, 03.04.2016)
Durbuy, the world’s smallest town (02.04.2016)
Muzeul Vinului din Ehnen: O poveste despre vinificație (Romanian, 17.01.2016)
Ehnen Wine Museum: O story about winemaking & wine tasting (16.01.2016)
The year of 2015 in review (30.12.2015)

Postcards from Southern France (English, 22.07-14.08.2015):

Ilustrate din sudul Frantei (Romanian)

A journey to one-of-a-kind place

One-of-a-kind places: Coloma Rose Garden (14.06.2015)
One-of-a-kind places: Coloma Rose Garden photo album (14.05.2015)
One-of-a-kind places: Coloma rose garden’s Chinese corner (14.06.2015)
One-of-a-kind places: Famous rose breeders at Coloma rose garden (14.06.2015)
One-of-a-kind places: Coloma rose garden’s Japanese corner (14.06.2015)
One-of-a-kind places: Coloma rose garden’s big white pergola (14.06.2015)
One-of-a-kind places: Coloma’s geometric rose garden (14.06.2015)
One-of-a-kind places: Romanian corner at Coloma Rose Garden in Belgium (14.06.2015)
Etterbeek’s Medieval Market: A short journey to the Middle Ages (25.05.2015)
Etterbeek’s Medieval Market 2015: Medieval Glazed Ceramic Art (25.05.2015)
Etterbeek’s Medieval Market 2015: Medieval food & cooking (25.05.2015)
Etterbeek’s Medieval Market 2015: Medieval entertainers (24.05.2015)
Etterbeek’s Medieval Market 2015: Jewellery & Accessory Photo-album (24.05.2015)
Etterbeek’s Medieval Market 2015: Costume Photo-album (24.05.2015)
Pairi Daiza: Touring the world in just one day (16.05.2015)
The Spring 2015 Aywiers Gardens of Belgium (02.05.2015)
Breathtaking purple-blue carpets of Halle’s Wood (25.04.2015)
Hallerbos, a piece of the Belgian green heritage (05.04.2015)

Help us identify this piece of music! (21.08.2014)
The Magic Begonia Carpet of Grand-Place in Brussels (15.08.2014)
The making of the begonia carpet in Brussels’s Grand-Place (14.08.2014)
A journey to one-of-a-kind place: Blooming Grand-Place in Brussels (11.08.2014)
A journey to one-of-a-kind place: Kölner Dom (09.08.2014)
A journey to one-of-a-kind place: Touring Bonn by foot (30.07.2014)
The Beethoven House in Bonn (29.07.2014)
The Bonn Minster (28.07.2014)
Bonn’s Flower Shops (27.07.2014)
Altes Rathaus, Bonn, Germany (27.07.2014)

First trip to Paris, the City of Lights (15.11.2013)
Notre premier voyage à Paris, la Ville des Lumières (French, 15.11.2013)
Către Barbados, insula fără ape curgătoare: Popasul la Londra (Romanian, 19.11.2013)
Către Barbados, insula fără ape curgătoare: Plecarea spre Londra (Romanian, 06.11.2013)
Către Barbados, insula fără ape curgătoare: Vestea cea mare (Romanian, 04.11.2013)
Glasgow: La porțile nordului (Romanian, 27.10.2013)
Puerto Rico, perla din inima Mării Caraibilor (Romanian, 25.10.2013)
Libertatea și plăcerea de a călători peste mări și țări (Romanian, 20.10.2013)

Music, a language everybody understands

Living the togetherness with Coldplay (25.06.2017)
Czardas or when music means emotions and not sounds (15.04.2017)
Dutch and Flemish Levenslied Music: Its cheerful power (25.02.2017)
Rapsodiile lui Enescu: O autentică armonie (Romanian, 29.02.2016)
Enescu’s togetherness (29.02.2016)
Emotion rules the music: A song about friends reuniting (21.06.2015)
A musical romantic journey with Ruxandra Donose (04.01.2015)
Cecilia Bartoli: Unveiling forgotten Baroque treasures (16.11.2014)
Musique, une langue accessible à tous: L’héritage du Maria Callas (13.11.2014)
Music, a language everybody understands: Callas Legacy (13.11.2014)
Sarah Brightman or how to marry pop and opera in Vienna (12.10.2014)
John Newman tributes in Brussels (02.03.2014)
Music, a language everybody understands: An evening with Gatto’s and Giordano’s sonatas (02.02.2014)
Music, a language everybody understands: Coldplay or a feeling of togetherness (08.01.2014)
Music, a language everybody understands: The most fascinating musical instrument (01.12.2013)
Music, a language everybody understands: First steps into the music world (28.11.2013)

Multilingual Blogging Day: Celebrating world languages through blogging

Musique, une langue accessible à tous: L’héritage du Maria Callas (13.11.2014, French)
Music, a language everybody understands: Callas Legacy (13.11.2014) (13.11.2014)
The fall of the wall, which changed my life (13.11.2014)
Bunicul, eroul meu (Romanian) (13.11.2014)
Celebrating Latin on the Day of Multilingual Blogging (13.11.2014)

Social media

Twitter Communications: Why institutional digital presence matters (28.06.2014)
Facebook: From hesitation to a daily habit (08.06.2014)
Tweeting me and retweeting you (27.05.2014)
An online debate methodology in a nutshell: Part one (24.05.2014)
An online debate methodology in a nutshell: Part two (24.05.2014)
Making or not making online noise: To lurk or not to lurk (14.05.2014)

Web publishing

Web design: Five reasons to sacrifice justified text for readability (10.09.2015)
Content Review: Readership’ feedback to content written in their second language (07.03.2014)
Reading: Moving from paper to screen (06.03.2014)
Web surveys: Benefits and limitations (04.03.2014)
Why writing for the Web is not writing for printing (28.02.2014)
Usability between information design and information architecture (24.02.2014)
Good visual composition on the Web (23.02.2014)
Why traditional compositional elements matter on the Web? (22.02.2014)
Turning 20 years in the field (20.02.2014)

“Getting ready”, artwork authored by Lena, former student

Cultures & communication

Learning simple living at a later age (06.05.2016)
A mysterious chromatic world in a nutshell (27.01.2016)
My outstanding books (27.12.2015)
Cărţile de căpătâi (Romanian, 25.12.2015)
Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël! Crăciun fericit! (24.12.2015)
Photo-Walk: October stillness (11.10.2015)
Super Moon lunar eclipse 2015: Marvelous pictures (28.09.2015)
The autumn colours vary from one year to another (26.09.2015)
Quality versus quantity (14.09.2015)
Ceramic, a long-lasting connection with my childhood (04.09.2015)
The email, still a powerful communication tool (04.04.2014)
Embracing cultures through email exchange (30.03.2014)
How to overcome anxiety, hostility and defensive behaviour in email communication (29.03.2014)
Culture influences on email writing and interpretation (27.03.2014)
Email as a learning tool (26.03.2014)
Marrying cultures and computers (23.03.2014)
Barriers to intercultural communication (21.03.2014)
Understanding world cultures (20.03.2014)
Intercultural learning (17.03.2014)
Cultures and communication: Web-based collaborative projects in schools (16.03.2014)
Cultures and communication: First steps in schools (15.03.2014)


A touching connection between Thatcher’s era and Bellini’s Norma (01.06.2016)
O legătură emoționantă între epoca Thatcher și Norma lui Bellini (Romanian, 31.05.2016)
Romanian National Culture Day: A genuine lesson about Eminescu (15.01.2017)
Când lectura răscolește rădăcinile (Romanian, 18.09.2016)
Have a great World Photo Day! (19.08.2016)
2014 Christmas Market in Brussels (26.12.2014)
Nutcracker: A timeless Christmas symbol (09.12.2014)
Emotions, images, words and music in a nutshell (28.09.2014)
Une visite d’un endroit unique: Bibliothèque Solvay (French, 01.10.2014)
If I would cross the river (16.02.2014)
A genuine lesson about Eminescu (15.01.2014)
Homeward bound: I thank you and I miss you (25.12.2013)
Mixing traditional Christmas dishes and feeling richer! (25.12.2013)
Limba română sau întoarcerea acasă prin cuvinte (Romanian, 15.11.2013)
Belgium, the bridge between Germanic and Latin Europe (15.11.2013)
The Four Seasons of my Earlier Years: Autumn, grapes and wine (10.11.2013)
The Four Seasons of my Earlier Years: Autumn Flavours and Weddings (08.11.2013)
The Four Seasons of my Earlier Years: One can’t judge a book by its cover (03.11.2013)
Mon chemin vers le français (French, 31.10.2013)
My path to learning French (30.10.2013)
The Four Seasons of my Earlier Years: The Bitter Taste of My Summers (24.10.2013)
The Four Seasons of my Earlier Years: My Spring (17.10.2013)
The Four Seasons of my Earlier Years: Winter Customs and Traditions (2) (14.10.2013)
The Four Seasons of my Earlier Years: Winter Customs and Traditions (1) (11.10.2013)
A culture of measuring twice and cutting once: Early years (Part 2) (02.10.2013)
A culture of measuring twice and cutting once: Early years (Part 1) (20.09.2013)
Cum am învățat să citesc și de ce am fost pedepsit să citesc cărți de colorat (Romanian, 15.09.2013)
How and where to start: The beginning (08.09.2013)

Literature review

Engaging reading with Gabriel García Márquez (07.04.2017)
Pasternak’s Dr Zhivago: Turning love & history into immortality (16.03.2017)
Bestsellers vs. masterpieces: Living forever or being forgotten (20.02.2017)
Un veac de singurătate nesfârșit cu Gabriel García Márquez (Romanian, 08.04.2017)
Doctor Jivago sau anotimpul unei lumi apuse (Romanian, 17.03.2017)
An outstanding literary testimony: Memories or the path to ourselves (29.01.2017)
O mărturie de excepție: Amintirile sau drumul către noi înşine (Romanian, 22.01.2017)


Education: Lighting of a fire and not filling a pail (21.03.2017)
Four years of blogging with WordPress (19.04.2017)


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