Amazing Sardinia: Stunning Spargi Island

The Spargi Island was our third stop while touring Sardinia’s National Park of La Maddalena. If the other islands we visited before charmed us with their natural settings, the Spargi Island and its particular beauty was breath-taking.


The Island is almost like a circle made up of granite rocks where plants and animals survive in perfect harmony.

The Island surface is about 4 square km with little bays that make a beautiful layer of lace around its coastline of about 11 km.


During their long life of centuries, a number of granite rocks were turned by wind and waters into funny shapes and forms.

The waters surrounding the Island are of an incredible clarity with shadows shining from turquoise to blue-emerald.

We spent about two hours on the Island and we felt we touched the heaven for a while.

Video showing the beautiful coast and the waters of the Spargi Island

Video with the moments when we said “Good bye” to the Spargi Island, in Sardinia

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