Postcards from Southern France: Nice’s prestigious Lycée Masséna

While heading from Place Garibaldi to Place Massena, in Nice, one cannot miss an impressive Belle Époque building. It is the Lycée Masséna, one of the most beautiful buildings next to the Place Masséna. Architect Henri Ebrard designed the building.

0_2015_Nice_Iulie 1089

The Lycée Masséna is a secondary school and higher education institution, which is one of the oldest in Nice. For about four centuries, the school has been located on the same site, although the building was modified and extended several times.

Major renovation works took place between in 1875-1876 and at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Lycée Masséna was built on the site of a former abbey, in the 17th century. The school changed its denomination to reflect the history of those years: it was an Imperial High-school, then a Royal College and back to its initial name, Imperial High-school. Today the school bears the name of André Masséna, Marshal of France, as an acknowledging sign of his contribution to building the institution.

3_2015_Nice_Iulie 1090

The building impresses with its architecture: colourful roofs, mosaics, ironwork, and friezes. In addition to the massive stones serving as building base, there are brushed stones and decorations, which remind the antiquity style.

The most eye-catching part of the building complex is the clock tower, which became the icon of the institution over the years.

Lycée Masséna's clock tower

Lycée Masséna’s clock tower

Famous people were educated at the Lycée Masséna: Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean d’Ormesson, Roland Garros, Romain Gary, Joseph Kessel, Yves Klein, Jean-Marie Le Clézio, Louis Nucera, Daniel Pennac, to name a few.

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