Four years of blogging with WordPress

My blog today turns four. It was not an easy decision to run a blog. Like anyone else I feared a bit about the online exposure and about the heavy work of maintaining a digital space.

I did not keep track of the time I have spent with WordPress, but early this morning I got this notification in my profile, which reminded me that the anniversary is a real achievement. This is why I share it here.


Publishing appealing content to attract the right audience is not an easy job, especially today when the Web is a rich environment.

What I have achieved to date?

  • I have expressed myself through words and images, which has been an activity giving me online visibility;
  • I published about 230 articles, which were visited by about 6200 people who viewed the pages and the related photographs 18 800 times;
  • I have practised writing in three languages daily, English, French and Romanian. It has been an excellent exercise, which helped me in my daily professional life. Checking dictionaries, refining written and visual expressions are activities that I always enjoy;
  • I have interacted with people from everywhere in the world, I learned from them and I shared my knowledge.

I did not follow any clever blog strategy, but I let it go by applying what I learned in the past, in terms of Web writing and visual communication.


My short and long term goals focus on interacting with my audience and assessing to what degree what I publish it is or not useful.

I thank my followers and readers and I hope to be able to go on putting online interesting content in the years to come.

Thank you, WordPress, for helping me fly with you over the past four years!

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5 Responses to Four years of blogging with WordPress

  1. Wow, congratulations! This is a nice and fulfilling achievement! Sa fii mandru! 🙂

  2. petrudumitru says:

    Multumesc! Sunt, într-adevar mândru! O bucurie în vârsta de 4 ani! 🙂

  3. elisabethm says:

    Congratulations 😊

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