Postcards from Southern France: Nice’s Opera House

The Opera House of Nice is one of the most stunning buildings in the city. It is located in Old Nice and has got two facades: one facing the USA Quai and the second one with a view on the Saint-François-de-Paule street.

3_2015_Nice_Iulie 940

The initial building of the Opera House was ready in the 18th century and since then the building has gone through a number of phases, from a wood structure to what we see today.

The Opera House in Nice is a representative piece of Second Empire architecture, a style, which was in fashion in the 19th century, mostly during the Second French Empire, not only in France, but also everywhere else in the world.

1_2015_Nice_Iulie 781

The Opera House building in Nice features rich iron decorations, paired windows, a covered entrance to be protected against the bad weather, doubled doors, beautiful columns sustaining the building, a mansard roof and a number of stairs in front of the building. The most amazing part of the building is its imposing corner, which is a relevant example the Second Empire style. The building corner is illustrated in one of pictures accompanying this text.

The building ceiling illustrates the Chariot of the Sun by painter Emmanuel Costa, while its outside iron decorations were inspired by the work of Gustave Eiffel.

2_2015_Nice_Iulie 785

There are four statues on top of the building. They can be seen from the main entrance of the building. The statues represent the four Muses: Music, Tragedy, Comedy and Dance.

The building does not house only opera performances, but also other cultural events such as instrumental music concerts and ballet.

We visited Nice in summertime and there were no performances in the programme. So, we could not enter the building. But we managed to admire a street performer, who set up his own stage in front of the building, by trying to attract the tourists passing by.

4_2015_Nice_Iulie 782

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2 Responses to Postcards from Southern France: Nice’s Opera House

  1. Catherine says:

    You are making me want to hop on a plane tonight and return to Nice!!! Beautiful pics. Merci!

  2. petrudumitru says:

    The best photos will come with the next posts! Still working on some drafts. When ready, I am going to put a summary of all posts about Nice. We will go again next year, as earlier as possible. Greetings from Brussels and thank you for coming back to see the forthcoming posts.

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