Floralia: Brussels’s Flower Festival

A unique flower festival is open for about four weeks in the park and the greenhouses of the Groot-Bijgaarden Castle, near Brussels, each year.

The Floralia Festival honours the work of horticulturists from both Belgium and the Netherlands.

The festival is essentially a live indoor and outdoor exhibition, on an area of about 14 ha. An incredible large variety of plants blooming in spring are on display.

The organisers claim that there about 400 tulip varieties next to hyacinths and daffodils.


Peacock made out of flowers

The plants are arranged in different configurations, forms and shapes: flower carpets, tulip hearts, tulip labyrinths, a peacock made out of flowers, and many, many other inspired choices.

The organisers announced that this year the castle gardeners planted about one million and a half bulbs. They did the job during the past autumn as this is the rule to ensure that the plants grow and bloom properly next spring.

We visited the festival venue on Palm Sunday. On this day, right one week before Easter, the Orthodox Church celebrates all people bearing flowers’ names. It was an inspired choice to enjoy such a beautiful place gathering so many stunning flowers in one place.

We are delighted to share all these splendid pictures with all the readers of this blog.

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