Hallerbos’s galaxy of windflower stars

Before turning entirely in various shades of green, more or less saturated, mint and moos, Hallerbos spoils us with a three green-free colour shows.

The first show features a rich yellow palette, which comes from the wild daffodils.

Wild daffodils in Hallerbos, Belgium

Wild daffodils in Hallerbos, Belgium

The second colour show comes alive as soon as the white wood anemones shine in the sun. They wear the wood in white and make an unforgettable contrast with the raw green of the trees and of the timid grass.

With the second colour show of the wood anemones, Hallerbos turns into a galaxy of stars on a fresh and vivid green carpet.


The most spectacular show, the third one, comes in as soon as the weather enables the wild blue bells to bloom. This may happen in the following days and weeks.

Hallerbos is a forest located on the outskirts of the city of Halle, not far from Brussels. The forest’s name is Halle’s Wood in English, Hallerbos in Dutch and Bois de Hal in French.

Today we were lucky to admire the wood anemones, completely open. We could also spot some timid blue bells, which are expected to take over the forest carpet in the following days and weeks.


It is amazing to watch their flower heads bending with the wind when it blows. This is the reason of why the wood anemones are also called “windflowers”.

The Belgians claim that Hallerbos surpasses the famous Keukenhof Gardens, in the Netherlands.

Unlike Keukenhof, where gardeners work a lot to maintain the Gardens, Hallerbos is of a natural beauty where people do not intervene in the natural life of the reservation, although there are certain signs proving that visitors damage the place.

Hallebors stays as a special place to behold.

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