Have a great World Photo Day!

Today is the ‪‎World Photo Day‬. A photo speaks thousand or even more words. Telling photo stories & capturing moments in time…

Here are some of my own favourite photos. Have a great World Photo Day!


The Bonn Minster (German: Das Bonner Münster or Münsterbasilika) is a nine-hundred-year-old minster basilica, one of Germany’s oldest churches. It combines both Gothic and Romanesque styles, which is a genuine example of the Rhenish transition style from the Romanesque to the Gothic period.

The Bonn Minster Photo-album


The Lympia Harbour or simply the Nice’s Port looks like a multicoloured nest in the heart of the city. The buildings around the Port area feature an unusual architectural richness, which combines the Italian Renaissance style with accents of the Baroque born in Turin.

Nice’s Lympia Harbour Photo-album


Halle’s Wood (Hallerbos in Dutch and Bois de Hal in French) is a well-known wood famous for its bluebell carpets that are on display from late April to early May. The wood is the place where the sky falls down in spring and where the purple fog effect overwhelms the ground.

Halle’s Wood (Hallerbos) Photo-album


The Flower Carpet event of Brussels turns 20 this year! Belgians claim that they produce about 60 million begonias each year so such a notable carpet cannot be made of any other flowers, but begonias.

Brussels Flower Carpet Photo-album

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