Pairi Daiza: Touring the world in just one day

Pairi Daiza is a zoo and botanical garden located in Brugelette, close to Mons and Ath, in Belgium. Visitors can spend a day here by walking and admiring animals and plants from all over the world: giraffes, hippos, zebras, elephants, sea-lions, penguins, lemurs, monkeys, otters and birds. Pairi Daiza also homes Hao Hao and Xing Hui, two giant pandas.

Pairi Daiza means “Closed garden” in ancient Persian. The park was build around the Cambron Abbey, a former Cistercian abbey, on the River Blanche, a tributary of the Dendre. The abbey history goes back to the 12th century.

Val de Beaulieu bought the place and built a castle as soon as the abbey was dissolved. The Domb family acquired the place and founded the park after a while. The park has been a protected area since 1982.

Pairi Daiza also homes a number of beautiful gardens: the Chinese garden, the Indonesian garden, the Rose garden, the Andalusian garden, the Olive garden, to name a few.

One can tour the world in just one day by simply visiting Pairi Daiza.

Clashing colours at Pairi Daiza: May’s Photo album

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