A mysterious chromatic world in a nutshell

I had the pleasure of discovering the artwork of Claire Joawn, one of my colleagues, who opened a painting exhibition at our working place. The discovery was a pleasant journey through a series of modern and captivating paintings. The exhibition title says all about the whole feeling of a viewer: a mysterious chromatic world around us.

Painting style

Claire’s artistic education is based on the Martenot method, which focuses on individual development through art teaching. Applying the Martenot method implies a huge creative effort in personalising a painting subject. A composition may look static at the first sight, but it gets dynamism while watching it, understanding and feeling its colours.

Composition style

I noticed that Claire puts a lot of crafting efforts into her compositions. All their elements are distributed smartly on the canvas. The compositions’ messages communicate complex emotions, feelings and visual experiences. Claire’s composition style impresses through key aesthetical functions such as contrast, rhythm, harmony, proportion and balance.

Each of Claire’s artwork pieces embeds a story, which captures its basic points in lines, shapes and colours. Both lines and colours relax the eyes. While I watched all compositions exhibited in the lobby, I felt the colours’ deepness and brightness.

Claire put on display both open and closed compositions. Her open compositions tell the stories from the centre to outside of their visual physical space and enable a viewer to imagine what’s next within the unseen composition space. Claire’s closed compositions helped me focus on the subject from the composition margins to the centre.


Claire equally favours warm and cool colours on her canvases. Her favourite colours hold a deep personal meaning than the lines and shapes, the other compositional elements. Normally people have favourite colours, but not favourite lines or shapes. Claire’s colours show the deep emotional connection between her as an artist and the compositions.

Why is it worth visiting the exhibition?

The whole exhibition releases a particular energy around the visitors. I am sure the energy comes not only from the particular compositional technique, but also from the powerful and bright colours that are on display. All paintings drive in alternative vision angles on the world, featuring strong and outstanding views on places and people. Claire actually confirms my feeling:

Painting is my way of expressing how I perceive the world around me. Painting enables me to create a world of surreal colours, especially when the weather is often gloomy and grey. I feel happy to transpose the world around me on canvas, turning it into red vermilion, purple lavender, blue cobalt and chrome yellow.

Artwork gallery: Paintings by Claire Joawn

©Claire Joawn

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