I was born in Romania and left it after 40 years to join a European team in Brussels. I gave up teaching and for about ten years I helped and encouraged teachers to run their school collaborative projects focusing on introducing the new technologies in their daily teaching and learning activities.

The work has been challenging, but rewarding. I believe I made a significant contribution to introducing the Web-based projects to schools in the European Union and elsewhere in the world. Although I changed job in 2010, I am still in touch with the European and worldwide teaching communities I worked with.

In my current job I manage a number of Information and Communication projects. I am very interested in digital communications and knowledge management and I enjoy networking with people around the world, be it face-to-face, by email or on social media channels.


Writing is one of my favourite activities. This blog is the digital space where I share my ideas and thoughts around a number of popular themes that are of interest to me: Web publishing, social media and social networks, cultures, communications, music, readings and travelling.

I write in Romanian, English and French. Though I am currently learning German, I cannot fully express myself in the language of Goethe and Rilke.

Petru Dumitru

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