I was born in Romania and left it after 40 years, to join a European team in Brussels. I gave up teaching and for about ten years I encouraged European teachers to design and implement their school collaborative projects. The school projects of those years were the first pioneering steps towards integrating the new technologies (ICTs) into teaching and learning activities. There were lots of achievements and failures as well.

The work has been both challenging and rewarding. I am proud I significantly contributed to introducing and developing a Web-based project methodology, which was immediately adopted by schools in the European Union and former EU candidate countries.

From 2000 to 2005 one of my roles was to bridge the teaching communities from the EU and the former EU candidate countries.

Although I changed job in 2010, I am still in touch with the European and worldwide teaching communities I worked with.

In my current job I manage a number of Information and Communication projects. I am very interested in digital communications and knowledge management and I enjoy networking with people around the world, be it face-to-face, by email or on social media channels.


Writing is one of my favourite activities. This blog is the digital space where I share my ideas and thoughts around a number of popular themes that are of interest to me: Web publishing, social media and social networks, cultures, communications, music, readings, nature and travelling.

My blog has recently turned four and I am happy that WordPress acknowledged the event with an Achievement notification.


I write in Romanian, English and French. Though I am currently learning German, I cannot fully express myself in the language of Goethe and Rilke.

Follow my blog and you may get inspired by my ideas and real life experiences related to the themes I mentioned earlier.

Thank you.

Petru Dumitru


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