Tweeting me and retweeting you

I heard about Twitter immediately after its launch in 2006. I was a little bit reluctant to register with the service and there was a pointless reason that prevented me to do that: the double meaning of the word “tweet” (ciripit) in my mother tongue. The first one refers to the concrete chirp of a bird. The second one metaphorically names an informer’s action to report any so-called “unorthodox” activity, behaviour or statement to the secret police agency of Communist Romania, before 1989. Something not easy to get over it or forget it.

A Twitter symbol

A Twitter symbol

I ignored Twitter for about one year and in 2007, I came across some tweets published by some people. The tweets reported on food and drinks. The content looked silly to me, perhaps also because of the Twitter poor interface design.

Things changed on Twitter and the platform evolution impressed me so that I decided to join in 2010. That was because Twitter has grown as a brand and the association I made with past meaning was over.

With an improved, easy-to-grasp, intuitive, simple and appealing interface design, Twitter convinced me. It took me some time to learn its functions and the way it works. The platform owners listen and observe Twitter users. For example, the users began hashtagging content. Being a practical solution to categorise content, it was shortly adopted by Twitter developers.

I would not mention Twitter’s power of news spreading or any other basic functions, which make it one of the most efficient micro-blogging services. There are lots of blog articles, academic articles and books talking about that.

I simply enjoy the service as such and I look forward to seeing its evolution over the next years, like anyone else.

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