Postcards from Southern France: Cannes

When we hear “Cannes” we first think of the famous film festival. But Cannes means more than that. It is a place with a rich cultural life.

One of the Cannes's beaches

One of the Cannes’s beaches

We could not miss Cannes while visiting the French Riviera. It is a place proving its motto day-by-day: “Life is a festival.”


Cannes impresses with its sandy beaches, high-class boutiques and notable hotels.

For some reasons, the seawater here is of a deep blue with turquoise traces, which go hand in hand with the golden-silver sand of the beaches.


The Cannes Festival was born as a French initiative in reply to the International Venice Film Festival, around 1939. The first edition took place in 1946, shortly after the World War II. Many careers in the Cinema industry are linked to the Festival and to Cannes as such.

We walked on Boulevard de la La Croisette and we saw the Palais des Festivals, its red carpet and Cannes’ Walk of the Stars (Allée des Stars).

Julie Andrews's handprint

Julie Andrews’s handprint

Walk of the Stars is a collection of about 375 handprints of famous Cinema people. The handprints are made of steel and placed on the ground, right on the Walk. The collection groups handprints from all times and of all categories of artists.

Visiting Cannes was a great experience.

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