The autumn colours vary from one year to another

Autumn fascinates us with its annual dressing cycle of the Nature. The autumn wears a different colour palette with unique pigments every year.

2015_09_26_Plimbare 028

The leaf colours vary from one year to another. Late springs, or droughty summers influence the leaves’ colours. A warm autumn leads to making the leaf colour paler. The most shining autumn leaves come after wet springs and cool fall nights.

2015_09_26_Plimbare 015

Picturing leaves has been one of my favourite photo-walks in my neighbourhood.

Watching the autumn around means watching the leaves turning red, brown, russet, golden bronze, aspen, yellow-poplar, golden yellow, purplish red, beech, light tan, brilliant scarlet, sugar maple, orange-red and glowing yellow.

2015_09_26_Plimbare 021

I always look forward to watching the annual leaf fall. Here in Belgium the green is still vivid because of the mild climate. In my home country the dominant autumn colours are all sorts of golden and red brown.

2015_09_26_Plimbare 011

In my neighbourhood the autumn passes through more subtle colouring phases and does not touch the evergreen pines, spruces, cedars and firs, like everywhere else.

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