A musical romantic journey with Ruxandra Donose

It is said that one’s musical perceptions and taste change with age. As soon as we get older we tend to favour the perception of the nostalgic music. That might explain why we value certain pieces of music at certain moments in our lives.

I first listened to Ruxandra Donose’s performances before 2000. There were some arias broadcasted by the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company. Between 2000 and 2010 I occasionally rediscovered her voice on the Internet. Since 2011 I constantly followed her via her website, Facebook news feed and Intermusica website.

Ruxandra Donose (Photo: Nicolae Alexa)

Ruxandra Donose (Photo: Nicolae Alexa)

In September 2014 Ruxandra Donose released her first CD in Romania, a joint project with the National Radio Orchestra Bucharest and the conductor Tiberiu Soare. With an inspired title, Romance, the CD features key milestones of the French Romantic period with Bizet, Saint-Saëns, Massenet, Offenbach, Berlioz and a piece by Verdi.

I got the CD from a friend, who bought it for me at the CD launching event in Bucharest. The CD, which is a 65-minute musical journey, is an old dream of the performer, which came true in 2014, when she managed to put together some of her favourite arias.

Romance, the CD cover (Source: Editura Casa Radio)

Romance, the CD cover (Source: Editura Casa Radio)

Most of the roles for mezzo-sopranos are supporting roles, except for some French operas, where there are many principal roles. Carmen of Bizet is probably the most relevant example of a mezzo-soprano principal role, which is one of the most popular worldwide.

I have never listened to Donose’s voice live, but this does not prevent me to find her one of the best in the field. I have always been impressed with her abilities to convey deep emotions through her performances. The critics praise Donose for her breathtaking musicianship. The sound beauty comes from her knowledge, skills, and artistic sensitivity.

With an unusual vocal agility and vocal technique, Donose, “a young and exciting presence in today’s music world” (Philpedia), makes the sound comes out naturally, with soft, rich and dark colours. Mastering a unique warmth and technical precision, Donose impresses with her vibratory patterns, passion and great taste while singing.

I have been following her interviews for the pleasure of not only seeing what’s behind her artistic credo, but also for enjoying the thoughts of an outstanding intellectual. Each interview features the wisdom and experience of a genuine musicologist.

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