The Spring 2015 Aywiers Gardens of Belgium

The Aywiers Gardens (Les Jardin d’Aywiers in French) is a famous plant and garden fair, which is hosted at Aywiers Abbey in Wallonia, Belgium, twice a year.

The Aywiers Abbey was founded in 1215 by Cistercian nuns from Liège. In recent years the Abbey English-style garden become famous for nature lovers. The Aywiers Gardens Association contributed to this success by restoring the garden and preserving most of its features.

The 2015 theme was the soil, which, according to the organisers, teams up with life. This explains why the soil is key to getting healthy plants and ensuring sustainability for the future.

Needless to say that one day was not enough to enjoy and admire all shapes and colours of the Aywiers Gardens.

The Aywiers Gardens of Belgium: Spring 2015 Photo-Album

The Aywiers Gardens website

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