Web publishing: Turning 20 years in the field

I met Gerry McGovern who gave a lecture on web satisfaction and users task management. During his great talk I just realised that I spent 20 years in the field of Web publishing. I have designed my first website in 1994. The first steps into the field of Web publishing were timid but little by little I became confident and I have been able to move on. I am glad I witnessed the Web evolution in the past 20 years and what Gerry mentioned today was a good recap.

I remember my first achievement, which was to optimise an image for the Web and make it visible on a simple webpage. From that moment to today it was a long journey with both achievements and struggles, but it was worth doing it.

The tools of that time were poor, but there were no others, so they have developed little by little along with the other technicalities related to the Web. With Norton Commander and Netscape I made the first steps into understanding the HTML and how the Web functions. Norton Commander was a file manager running under MSDOS. I learned the HTML code by heart and typed it in manually. Shortly after, new HTML editors were on the market and most of them enabled editors to benefit from the WYSIWYG facilities. I would say that it was worth learning by heart the HTML coding, so that later on I was able to better control the code when using WYSIWYG editors.

One of my first webpage showcasing the local community of Vrancea, in Romania

One of my first webpages showcasing the local community of Vrancea, in Romania

In 1994 my knowledge and skills in visual communications as well as some basic understanding of art helped me quickly become familiar with Web design. After 20 years in the field I cannot pretend I am an expert as I learn new things every day and the Web as such is a rapidly changing environment.

What drove me into the Web publishing? In 1994 we bought our first desktop computer, which we connected to the Internet through a dial-up connection. We went on the Internet mainly at night since the dial-up was cheaper even if the connection as such ate from our regular phone calls we were attributed. Seeing that the Internet is a huge collection of webpages I thought of why not trying to learn and design HTML pages?

My first webpage consisted of some basic info, text and images, about my family. I never put it on the Web as it looked silly and poor. But that was just the beginning!

More to come…

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2 Responses to Web publishing: Turning 20 years in the field

  1. Can’t believe 20 years just flew by! Congratulations!

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