Halle’s blue-purple emotion in Belgium

Not far from Brussels, there is a unique forest, on the outskirts of the city of Halle. The forest’s name is Hallerbos in Dutch and Bois de Hal in French. In spring the forest ground wears a blue-purple carpet for a number of weeks.

2015_04_25_Hallerbos 165

Wild blue-purple bells compose the natural carpet on the ground. The blooming time gives the impression that the sky falls down in the forest. There is a natural misty light effect, due to the colours, which are filtered by the trees in an unusual way.

The Belgian say that the forest surpasses the famous Keukenhof Gardens, near Amsterdam. The forest is a natural beauty, unlike Keukenhof, where an army of gardeners maintain the Gardens.

Halle’s forest is a place not to miss. Here, spring begins with a wild anemones white carpet. Then wild yellow daffodils take their place for some days. Little by little the yellow carpet turns blue-purple with million of blue-purple bells.

The nature lovers can admire the blue-purple bells in April each year. The moments are worth the efforts of a visit.

 Hallerbos, where the world turns blue-purple in spring

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