Postcards from Southern France: Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice

The Russian Orthodox Cathedral is a piece of Russian land in the heart of Nice.


The Cathedral is officially the property of the Russian Federation following a final decision of the French Court, which closed a long juridical battle between the former and the current owner.


The Cathedral welcomed its first visitors in 1912, when the building was completed. During the Soviet times it was a symbol of the Russian nobility leaving in Western Europe.

The building architecture is in byzantine style, which is the style of most Orthodox churches. It is a style richer in shapes and forms. The Cathedral is composed of five domes, a dominant one in the centre and the other four, smaller, making the four arms of a cross.

Because of current renovation works we could not enter the Cathedral. But we heard that the monument houses an impressive icon collection and valuable pieces of woodwork. So, it is a good reason to come back to Nice and visit this architectural masterpiece.

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2 Responses to Postcards from Southern France: Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice

  1. Amadeus W says:

    I am glad, that those two nations came to such a noble conclusion. What a great example for promoting peace in this world. Peace cannot be achieved by win-loose. Only if both surrender, when both want to give from their hearts.

  2. petrudumitru says:

    Thanks, Amadeus W! Nice nickname!

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