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Super Moon lunar eclipse 2015: Marvelous pictures

A rare blood-red eclipse visible between 03:00 & 06:00 local time. Pictures taken in Brussels, Belgium. . Advertisements

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The autumn colours vary from one year to another

Autumn fascinates us with its annual dressing cycle of the Nature. The autumn wears a different colour palette with unique pigments every year. The leaf colours vary from one year to another. Late springs, or droughty summers influence the leaves’ … Continue reading

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Quality versus quantity

Quality over quantity has been something I learned from my earliest years. The question, which I always had in mind, was “when favouring quantity over quality and the other way around”? As I child I was happy with quantity and … Continue reading

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Web design: Five reasons to sacrifice justified text for readability

Justified text is a text block which fits into a square or rectangle shape and it is aligned against both left and right borders of the shape. The text area is filled with irregular empty spaces to make the text … Continue reading

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Ceramic, a long-lasting connection with my childhood

Whenever I see a piece of ceramic I remember my earlier years in the village I grew up. As children we were surrounded by mugs, plates, different recipients for cooking, jars, bowls, recipients for wine and even recipients for pickles, … Continue reading

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