First trip to Paris, the City of Lights

We first visited Paris in 2001 and we wanted to see everything we could. It was early spring and the weather was not good. It rained a lot and the wind made things worse. But we managed to see the most famous places running from one corner of Paris to another.

Paris impressed us with its varieties of contrasts. There were calm and noisy streets, clean and dirty places, nice and rude people. I recall the first conversation we had with a hotel receptionist who refused to answer us in English, saying that as long as we are in France, we must speak French, otherwise no one would make the effort to answer in English. I was aware of the resistance of some French people towards speaking other languages but not necessarily English.

Things changed in the past years. We often travelled to Paris and we heard around us French people making an effort to speak English.

View on the Seine

View on the Seine

I remember the moment when we first saw the Seine. Puddled by the bad weather, the river was not very welcoming. Enjoying a boat trip on the Seine was not an inspired choice, but we went for it in order to get some rest since we were running everywhere to see as much as we could.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

Shortly after, we visited Paris in late spring and summer. The city was totally different. One can easily feel the city pulse and the nature vibrations around. So the best time to enjoy a trip to Paris is May-June. Summer is dusty and dry and the city looks exhausted for some reasons. Early autumn is also nice, if no rain is around the corner. The colour palette is impressive and generates a sort of charm and warmth that one can only feel in Paris.

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2 Responses to First trip to Paris, the City of Lights

  1. Like I always say: Paris is always a good idea! Walks in the Jardin du Luxembourg, the vintage books on the Seine, the Eiffel Tower lights in the evening, indulging on croissants and macaroons (hello, diet!)… Paris will always be Paris, no matter what!

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