Amazing Sardinia: Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda’s heart

With a status of a village benefiting from a worldwide fame as a luxury holiday destination, Porto Cervo is considered the heart of the Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda. The village is permanently inhabited by about 420 people only. The figure increases if we consider people with a summer residence in Porto Cervo.

Why is worth visiting Porto Cervo?

  1. A particular architecture

With its feel and look Porto Cervo seamlessly integrates into the Sardinian cultural context, although critics say that it is an artificial mix of architectural styles with strong kitsch signs.

The village centre stays on a mezzanine floor facing the harbour. The buildings feature a dominant Moorish architectural style taking influences from the styles of the neighbouring countries and regions. The Moorish style took its name from the Moors, who developed this particular architecture earlier in the Middle Age. The Moors lived in North Africa, the nowadays Spain, Portugal, Sicily, South of France and Malta. Today we can admire buildings in Moorish style in all these countries and regions.

At a glance the architectural style is based on a perfect geometry of forms with horseshoe arches, decorative elements reflecting vegetal elements and beautiful calligraphy. The building exterior is simple while the interior is richly decorated with geometric patterns in bright colours.

We were impressed with the buildings’ rustic walls and their irregular corners, granite flours, natural colours and raw wood components which make the village an authentic place.

The village centre houses most of the famous worldwide brands, which are present here with their luxury goods in the shop windows. They came to the right place as the village is the ideal holiday destination for many rich people.

  1. Chiesa Stella Maris, a beautiful Church on top of the village

Although it looks like a Gaudi masterpiece, the Stella Maris Church was designed by the Italian architect Michele Busiri Vici. It was built between 1968 and 1969.

The Church location enables a panoramic view over the entire bay of the Porto Cervo Harbour.

The Church impresses with its indoor simplicity, in contrast with the outside wealth and opulence of the village. The presence of granite stones and juniper wood furniture brings the Church closer to the Sardinian mountains and forests, with their particular juniper smell.

The Church houses El Greco’s masterpiece Madone (Mater Dolorosa).



El Greco’s masterpiece Mater Dolorosa (Madone)

The Church bell tower stays on a cone shape while its windows are framed with beautiful decorations. The granite, the most famous stone of Sardinia, is also used on the Church floor.

  1. A deer shaped harbour

Porto Cervo, or Deer’s Port in English, bears the name from the harbour shape, which is a deer. It was built by Prince Karim Aga Khan IV who persuaded other investors to join him to finalise this construction project.

It is said that Porto Cervo is one of the top Mediterranean well-equipped harbours.

Porto Cervo is a captivating place which, I am sure, charms each and every visitor as it did with us.

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