Amazing Sardinia: Its traditional ceramic art

We went to many places abroad over the past 35 years. One of the first things we did was to look for the local traditional ceramic. The ceramic art of any place speaks itself about the local culture and its symbols. These symbols share a cultural story in a nutshell as soon as they are turned into decorative elements.

Each ceramic art style is, of course, an icon of a place. It would be difficult to rate and classify the styles. It would also be unfair to say which one is the best or which one is the most beautiful. But people may have favourite styles, which relate to personal preferences and tastes.

Photos: Our favourite ceramic collection featuring the Sardinian lapwing

Cultures should not be rated or classified in groups such as major, minor and more or less important. This also applies to ceramics.

The ceramic art is closer to my heart because I grew up in a village. The first tools and instruments around me were ceramic items: mugs, plates, different recipients for cooking, jars, bowls, recipients for wine and even recipients for pickles.

While visiting Sardinia we immediately noticed the ceramic styles of the Island. Who could not notice those beautiful pieces of traditional art?

The Sardinian ceramic styles stand out and each Island region has got its own artistic identity. All styles have a common feature: they depict forms and shapes in natural colours inspired by the Island environment, including fish, corals, birds, sheep, cows and plants.

The Sardinian ceramists manage to preserve their ancient technique despite the modern tools available today. They do a great job of not turning their work into pieces of kitsch and of preserving the traditional authenticity of their handcrafts.

Our favourite Sardinian ceramic collection features the Sardinian lapwing, gently touched up with lines and glaze layers of various thickness sizes. Colour wise the Lapwing collection combines the blue-turquoise-emerald variations of the sea and the deep and soft green of the forests.

According to local believes, the lapwing symbolises the fertility of the harvests.

Photos: Other beautiful ceramic pieces we saw in Sardinia

The Lapwing collection, our favourite Sardinian ceramic collection, is produced by Artigianatopasella, in Sardinia.

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