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Spring composition: Natural complementary colours

Colours hold a more personal meaning than the other compositional elements around us like lines and shapes. People often have favourite colours, but rarely favourite lines. In the context of any communications the colour use may explain a deep emotional … Continue reading

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Evere’s Windmill and its cultural heartbeat

An old windmill in the heart of Evere Evere, one of Brussels’s districts, houses an old windmill, which is part of the Belgian cultural heritage. The Belgians claim that it is one of the last old windmills in Brussels, which … Continue reading

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Education: Lighting of a fire and not filling a pail

I recently reorganised my electronic archive with files I saved over the past 25 years. While reviewing files I rediscovered a famous quote defining education metaphorically. The quote belongs to William Butler Yeats and it says: “Education is not filling … Continue reading

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Doctor Jivago sau anotimpul unei lumi apuse

O punte între două lumi Am citit acest roman pentru prima dată în 1991, când a fost tradus și publicat în limba română. Cu ceva timp în urmă l-am recitit pentru a verifica dacă percepția mea s-a schimbat și dacă voi … Continue reading

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Pasternak’s Dr Zhivago: Turning love & history into immortality

Why Doctor Zhivago is a good read? I first read the book in 1991 when it was translated in my mother tongue. Some time ago I said why not having a second go? The re-reading enabled me to see the … Continue reading

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