The making of the begonia carpet in Brussels’s Grand-Place

Every two years, since 1971, the Grand-Place in Brussels wears a large begonia carpet, which is the creation of the famous florist artists from Ghent in Belgium. Each carpet features a different theme, with unique patterns, which relate to an event or to the country’s history and culture.

This article includes a photo-reportage, which pictures some of the key moments of the florists’ work while finalising the carpet. Pictures with the final carpet follow as soon as it is ready and accessible to the public, on 15 August 2014.

Grand-Place gets ready to host the 2014 begonia carpet

Grand-Place gets ready to host the 2014 begonia carpet

With a standard size of 77 x 24 meters, the carpet covers about 1,800 square metres, and is a project that runs through the traditional stages, from planning and designing to crafting the masterpiece. It takes two years of work to build a magic begonia carpet not only to attract visitors, but also to maintain the Belgian carpet tradition in Grand-Place, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Belgians are very proud of Grand-Place, which was voted the most beautiful square in Europe in 2010.

This year’s theme is inspired by the Turkish geometric patterns of kilims as the theme relates to the 50th anniversary of Turkish immigration in Belgium.

The day before the opening the florists start their work, which requires tough efforts to finalise the carpet on time, so that the viewers can admire it in the following three days.

IMG_0937 - Copy IMG_0938 - Copy  IMG_0942 - Copy IMG_0944 - Copy IMG_0945 - Copy IMG_0950 - Copy IMG_0952 - Copy IMG_0968 - Copy IMG_0971 - Copy IMG_0972 - Copy IMG_0979 - Copy IMG_0983 - Copy IMG_0998 IMG_1006 IMG_1008 IMG_1010

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