Ehnen Wine Museum: O story about winemaking & wine tasting

Ehnen is a village, which is located in Luxembourg, on the bank of the River Moselle. The village, which comprises about 500 inhabitants, is famous worldwide for its Wine Museum and a circular church.

I had the chance of visiting the Wine Museum, which is between the River and a hill hosting famous kinds of grapes. The former residence of a famous and prosperous family named Wellenstein houses the Museum.

The Museum’s rooms are organised in such a way to tell the story of winemaking in the region. The guide introduced us some pieces of ancient equipment and tools according to the work stages, running from January to December each year.

There were tools and machines needed for maintenance work mainly: cutters for the vines, hoods and ploughs for fertilisation, oil burners and spray sprinklers to help fight spring frosts, pressure pumps and sulphate to fight vine parasites.

From the family of tools and machines needed for wine production we saw buckets, baskets, tanks, shovels, mills, various presses for harvesting and pressing the grapes, wine jugs, funnels, pumps, valves, strainers for winemaking, as well as various wine bottles.

We learnt that the Moselle Valley provides good growing conditions for grape kinds like Elbling, Rivaner, Auxerrois, Pinot blanc, Pinot gris, Riesling and Traminer.

We had the chance of tasting different wines of the region and we enjoyed a lot this unique and rewarding experience. Somehow the place seems to bring together wine flavours from the neighbouring countries –  Belgium, France and Germany – and to preserve well the identity and the wine tradition of the region and of the country. According to the motto caught in one of the photos, Luxembourg is the small country of the great wines!


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