Eltz Castle: A special place to behold

We heard about the Eltz Castle (Burg Eltz, in German) and we managed to visit it recently. The castle location is breathtaking! An impressive piece of work the Castle has been owned by the same family for the past 850 years.

Placed in the Moselle Valley, in particular settings, the Castle survived untouched by wars and by any other major incidents. It is well hidden and this may explain why its natural surroundings protected it very well for centuries.

Another factor, which contributed to preserving the Castel over the centuries, consisted of the family abilities to stay politically well connected and maintain their influence in the region.

Touring the Castle is an enjoyable experience. Every room with genuine furniture and many decorative pieces is a way to taste the Middle Ages in just a few hours.

An excellent guide told us the story of each room and answered all our queries about any piece of furniture and artwork.

Over the centuries, the Castle inhabitants had high living standards. For instance, the flushing toilets worked with the rainwater collected on the roof. The fireplaces were smartly designed to ensure that the warmth stays inside the rooms long enough.

Some more things ahead of the time to be noted: the windows are composed of small parts of glass surrounded by iron, which was the technology of the time.

In front of the windows there are sitting places, which enabled people benefit from the daylight as long as possible.

A number of famous pieces drew our attention: “Madonna” by Lucas Cranach, the Elder, the Rodendorf Kitchen, the Rübenach Lower Hall and the Dressing Room.

The Castle also houses an impressive armoury collection, which consists of suits, helmets, flintlocks, and oriental weapons, to name a few.

The Great Hall played the role of the council room of the family. Two interesting particularities: on one wall there is a mask depicting a fool, which indicates that people were allowed to say whatever they wanted, without being punished. On the opposite wall there is a rose symbolising the silence. It meant that everything, which was discussed and decided inside the room, couldn’t be shared outside.

The Castle’s Treasury houses an impressive collection of about 500 ancient pieces, including jewellery, made out of gold, silver, ivory, glass and porcelain.

Taking pictures is not allowed inside the Castle. The key parts of the Castle are well introduced on the Castle website.

The Eltz Castle is a place to behold.

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