Living the togetherness with Coldplay

We made it to the Coldplay concert in Brussels, on 22 June 2017. The group turned 20 and the concert has been a special occasion to listen to their popular songs, written in such a long period of time.

The concert was part of “A Head Full of Dreams” World tour. There were about 60,000 people of all ages, from small children to people like me or older. It appears that the Coldplay touches people of all generations.


I have never ever seen so many happy people in one place, enjoying the Coldplay’s music. The entire audience knew the songs by heart and joined the group to sing together. There was so much energy around and so many deep emotions, as each of us took part in what Chris Martin, Coldplay’s leader said, “energy and love” giving.


Chris Martin jumps to trigger the famous Coldplay colour palette

To me the concert was an unbelievable gigantic togetherness.

Coldplay survives among the many music trends probably because of their unique musical style with harmonies and melodic lines that trigger deep emotions. The harmonies and melodic lines combine in an original pattern, which sounds naturally and which is closed to many people’s hearts. The Coldplay’s pattern is easy to identify and remember.


Coldplay’s balloon moment

Chris Martin, the vocalist, sings in a falsetto style while the other group members produces a high and bright intelligent sound. The songs are touching because they tell simple stories which everyone live or has lived.


Coldplay on Stage B

In 20 years Martin’s falsetto voice developed with the age, became more mature and bright. Falsetto requires huge vocal efforts and solid training, intensive practicing and special abilities to control the human “singing box”.

Coldplay acknowledges that their music is influenced by a number of past and current musicians. The group compositions moved from a meditative, emotional phase to art rock – with accents of classical music and jazz – through an “alternative rock” phase.

The outcome of this evolution is today’s Coldplay voice in the music world.


When Coldplay’s wristbands went on

In Brussels the communication with the audience went on through both music and ordinary words. Nothing artificial, everything was flowing naturally as their music does.

According to Coldplay we should see a forest in any seeds around us. Therefore, each human being can achieve anything, if encouraged, raised up, mentored and loved.

When you’re in pain, when you think you’ve had enough

Don’t ever give up

Don’t ever give up

A video selection of Coldplay performances in Brussels, on 22 June 2017



Every Teardrop is a Waterfall


The Scientist

Full Coldplay concert in Brussels, 22 June 2017

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