Brussels Flower Carpet: Celebrating 20 years in Japanese style

The Flower Carpet event of Brussels turns 20 this year! Belgians claim that they produce about 60 million begonias each year so such a notable carpet cannot be made of any other flowers, but begonias. They mainly come from the region of Ghent, a famous Belgian city, which is located in Flanders.


This year the Flower Carpet’s theme is dedicated to the 150’s anniversary of the Japanese-Belgian friendship. Therefore both patterns and coloured are inspired from the Japanese culture and traditions.


The carpet illustrates, among others, traditional cultural symbols such as good luck talismans, birds, the wind, the moon, pine trees, bamboos and the famous cherry blossoms.

Preparing a Flower Carpet is an elaborated project taking two years. The project outcome is a carpet, which is always different each two years. The carpet size is 75 m with 24 m and covers an area of 1,800 square meters. This year’s carpet accommodates about 600,000 begonias and dahlias.

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