A journey to one-of-a-kind place: Altes Rathaus, Bonn, Germany

Altes Rathaus or Old City Hall is an impressive building, in Rococo style, which dominates the market square in Bonn.


An window of the Old City Hall

The building has been the city seat since the 18th century. The Hall “greeted” famous people such as Charles de Gaulles, John F. Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth II, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Mikhail Gorbachev, to name a few.


Bonn City Hall


Bonn City Hall

The City Hall was built between 1737 and 1738, under the reign of the Wittelsbach princes. It is one of the most representative masterpieces of the architect Michel Leveilly. The most remarkable part of the building is the front staircase.


The front staircase

The golden architectural decorations contrast naturally with the soft background colours of the walls.

The city centre is a pedestrian area, which is surrounded by the railway station, the Old Town Hall and the Sterntor Gate.


A view of the market place

The market is the place where genuine music and dance performances come together in front of the Old City Hall from May to September.

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