Evere’s St. Vincent Church

We recently moved to Evere, one of the 19 municipalities of Brussels. Evere is a former Flemish village where its inhabitants grew radish and witloof. There are still parts of the today’s Evere, which preserve the countryside structure of the streets and houses.


Evere’s St. Vincent Church

Our place is next to the St. Vincent Church. Built in 675 the today’s building does not preserve much of its initial architecture, being renovated and extended over the centuries. Being seriously damaged in 1944 the latest major renovation project was successfully completed in 1950.

The building is composed of a tower and the church as such. The tower features an upper Romanesque style and the walls are famous for its thickness of about 90 cm.

Even though the St. Vincent Church looks like a village church,with the centuries, it has become a symbol of Evere.

It is just great to listen to the church clock every 30 minutes. This is something new to us.

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One Response to Evere’s St. Vincent Church

  1. That’s a beautiful photograph, Petru. I love to hear church bells too, though maybe every half-hour is too much! I hope they switch them off during the night. 🙂 What I really love is the sound of bell-ringing (not tolling) but I don’t think you’ll get that in Evere or anywhere else outside the UK for that matter. You can hear an example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4Pw5sXquvE

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