Postcards from Southern France: Nice’s Castle Hill

The Castle Hill or Colline du Château in French is located right on the coast, at about 90 meters above the sea level. The Hill houses the ruins of the former Château de Nice, which can be seen here.

Nice coastal line

Nice coastal line

To preserve the archeological place and to enable tourists admire the city’s surroundings from Nice’s highest point, the locals built a park on the Hill in the 19th century.

We went there by elevator, which brought us to the top of the hill in some minutes.

The view is breathtaking! We could see the four corners of Nice! We admired the endless sea, in one corner.

Nice lighthouse

Nice lighthouse

In the second corner we saw Nice and its coast. Magical view! From the top Nice looks like a peaceful place as all cars were moving around with no noise! Both the coast and the city look spectacular.

Nice’s harbour

Nice’s harbour

In the third corner we admired Nice’s harbour with its famous lighthouse.

Breathtaking view of Nice's harbour

Breathtaking view of Nice’s harbour

We saw the nordic part of the city in the fourth corner.

Cascade Dijon

Cascade Dijon

There is also an artificial waterfall, which is called Cascade Dijon.

Nice panoramic view

Nice panoramic view

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