Help us identify this piece of music!

We do not get tired of Köln and the Kölner Dom, its famous cathedral. It looks different every time we get there, probably because of the day light intensity, weather, our mood or the moment of the year.

This summer we assisted to a special religious service performed inside the cathedral, on 23.07.2014 in the evening. We arrived there by chance, right when the song filmed in this video went on. We were very impressed with the music performed by both the choir and the organists.

With our poor German we understood that it was a ceremony called “Pontifikalamt am Vierungsaltar”.

What an outstanding performance and a great building acoustic! If it happens to know the name of the song and its composer, please leave a comment below this article. Thank you.

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2 Responses to Help us identify this piece of music!

  1. Ion BOBIA says:

    Exista o aplicatie de identificare, Shazam, pentru Android si iPhone/iPad. In acest caz e foarte indecisa.

  2. petrudumitru says:

    Am incercat ceva similar. De fapt Mariuca s-a straduit, dar nu a reusit sa obtina vreun resultat. Poate si pentru ca nu e un cantec vestit, ci doar un imn catolic.

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