A journey to one-of-a-kind place: The Bonn Minster

The Bonn Minster (German: Das Bonner Münster or Münsterbasilika) is a nine-hundred-year-old minster basilica, one of Germany’s oldest churches. It combines both Gothic and Romanesque styles, which is a genuine example of the Rhenish transition style from the Romanesque to the Gothic period.

The Bonn’s Minster is located the city centre next to the Münsterplatz and Martinsplatz. It has five towers. The round central tower is 96 m high.

The Minster witnessed two king-crowning ceremonies, of Friedrich (Friedrich der Schöne) in 1314, and Karl IV in 1346. Some famous art pieces are housed here: the Magdalena altar made of marbled wood and the little wooden figure of the holy Martin.

The blue and red windows of the apse picturing the city patrons were authored by Heinrich Campendonk.

In 1956, the Bonn Minster got the status of Papal Minor Basilica.

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