Amazing Sardinia: Arzachena, a cradle of ancient civilisation

We arrived to Arzachena after lunch. The town was very quiet, in a sleeping mood. All shops were closed and all streets appeared to be empty. We realised that it was the siesta moment and we were right. Everything came back to normal around 5 p.m.

Arzachena preserves traces of human life since the early period of humankind. We found out that Arzachena is known as the cradle of the humankind prehistory, as the place is linked to the pre-Nuragic and Nuragic Civilisations in Sardinia.

Today in Sardinia and even in Arzachena one can see “nuraghe”, which are megalithic constructions considered the most important traces of ancient times in Europe. In addition to nuraghe, Sardinia also preserves a number of relevant monuments of that period: water sacred temples, tombs of the giants, sandstone sculptures and bronze statues.

Historians claim that Arzachena is referenced in Homer’s Odyssey.

The nowadays town developed around the Santa Maria della Neve Church and is built on a granite hill. The first bricks of the new location were laid down by Carlo Emanuele III, King of Sardinia. The King intended to repopulate the area.

We visited two churches: Santa Maria della Neve and San Pietro.

Santa Maria della Neve Church

Santa Maria della Neve is made out of granite and was built around 1770 under Carlo Emanuele III King of Sardinia and Vittorio Amedeo III of Savoia. The community of Arzachena settled around this church.

The Church was renovated and extended around 1860.

The Bell Tower is impressive and consists of four bells. The Church houses a granite stoup, a marble baptistery, a wooden confessional and a wooden altar from the 17th century.

San Pietro Church

San Pietro Church was open in 1938 and is also made out of granite. The building features the Italian Rationalism style.

The Church served as a military hospital during the World War II.

We left Arzachena in the evening going back to Baja Sardinia, our holiday headquarters.

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