Evere’s Bon Pasteur Park

A park in winter has got its simple beauty, no doubt about that. Seeing empty trees with their branches lifting their silhouettes to the sky expresses a sort of sadness and a sort of reminder that clothes do not wear us forever.

I captured the plain beauty of the Bon Pasteur Park (Goede Herderpark in Dutch) on a number of photos, in winter, as a way to get a sort of reference for the forthcoming seasons, which are going to wear the Park in bright and fresh colours.

The Park is situated in the area of the former Convent of the Bon Pasteur (Good Shepherd), which was completely destroyed by bombs in 1944 during the World War II. The Park was open in 1960 after its location served as waste storage. Good and inspired solution to turn a waste location into a park!

The Park is a perfect natural buffer between the Natural Reservation of Moeraske and the buildings around the St Vincent Church, in Evere (Brussels), where I live. The Park includes playgrounds and a number of sport fields, in addition to beautiful trees, bushes and other plants.

Looking forward to walking in the Park during the forthcoming months!

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