How and where to start: The beginning

The other day I came across the “2013 Day of Multilingual Blogging”, an online event, which is organised in association with Internet Week Europe on 15 November 2013. Previous edition was covered on Storify.

For many years I have had in mind to get organised and run my own blog, not for working purposes, but for my own pleasure. Before taking part in this Multilingual Blogging event, I decided to create my own online digital space and start little by little.

I have been working with texts and visuals for the past 20 years. My previous and current jobs imply writing a lot. Playing with words and checking their meanings, in different contexts and combinations is something I enjoy a lot. I always try to find the energy I need to run this blog outside the office hours, for my own pleasure.

I must admit that I enjoy a lot polishing and restructuring ideas, so that the articles I share have a meaning not only for myself but also for my readership.

I focus on a number of popular themes that are of interest to me: Web publishing, social media and social networks, cultures, communications, music, readings, nature and travelling.


This picture is taking in Hallerbos, a wood, which turns blue each spring

I write in Romanian, my mother tongue, in English, my second language and in French, my third language.

One can find on this blog content on travelling experiences, readings, music, photography and social media. This is what actually I enjoy during my spare time.

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One Response to How and where to start: The beginning

  1. Congrats, Dad! 😀 I am the proudest daughter on earth! Looking forward to reading your posts! Big hugs from London! Take care!

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