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Evere’s Windmill and its cultural heartbeat

An old windmill in the heart of Evere Evere, one of Brussels’s districts, houses an old windmill, which is part of the Belgian cultural heritage. The Belgians claim that it is one of the last old windmills in Brussels, which … Continue reading

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Education: Lighting of a fire and not filling a pail

I recently reorganised my electronic archive with files I saved over the past 25 years. While reviewing files I rediscovered a famous quote defining education metaphorically. The quote belongs to William Butler Yeats and it says: “Education is not filling … Continue reading

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Doctor Jivago sau anotimpul unei lumi apuse

O punte între două lumi Am citit acest roman pentru prima dată în 1991, când a fost tradus și publicat în limba română. Cu ceva timp în urmă l-am recitit pentru a verifica dacă percepția mea s-a schimbat și dacă voi … Continue reading

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Pasternak’s Dr Zhivago: Turning love & history into immortality

Why Doctor Zhivago is a good read? I first read the book in 1991 when it was translated in my mother tongue. Some time ago I said why not having a second go? The re-reading enabled me to see the … Continue reading

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Dutch and Flemish Levenslied Music: Its cheerful power

When we moved to Belgium, we discovered a genre of music broadcasted mainly by certain Flemish, Dutch and German TV channels. The music went out through marathon concerts especially during the New Year nights and the weekends. A lot of … Continue reading

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Bestsellers vs. masterpieces: Living forever or being forgotten

Is there a recipe to turn a book into a bestseller? Although it was introduced by the end of the 19th century to label an unusual book success, the term “bestseller” has been a reality even from the 1605, when … Continue reading

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An outstanding literary testimony: Memories or the path to ourselves

Gabriel Dimisianu’s book “Memories and literary portraits[1]” captivated me completely. This is the reason of writing this article in order to keep the book essence fresh in my notes. A pleasant reading is well preserved as soon as one writes … Continue reading

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