Maastricht’s Sint-Janskerk and its temerarious clock tower

Maastrichtenaars are Maastricht’s inhabitants. If they need to talk to you they are able to switch immediately to either English, German or French. This is so useful as I do not speak any Dutch.

As soon as one arrives in Maastricht it is easy to spot one of the highest city point, which is the tower of the Sint-Janskerk Church.

The Sint-Janskerk, or St. John’s Church in English, is a Gothic church in the historic centre of Maastricht. Along with the Roman Catholic Saint Servatius, they are the special “twin churches” of the Netherlands.

The Church impresses with its red tower of about 80 meters. The tower houses a beautiful clock on top. The main bell of the clock was removed by Germans in 1943. The tower was re-equipped with a new one in 1997.

The clock of the tower is a beautiful piece of fine mechanic art. The clock is in four faces, so one can read the time from any angle. The tower is made out of marlstone. Since the stone is soft and porous, the tower is protected with a coating layer.

The tower got back its bright red colour recently and looks like the original red available in the Middle Ages. The tower was painted in yellow during the 18th century, while in the 19th century turned white.

The Church is a famous venue for both public and private events. That might be the reason that the Church was closed and we could not visit it.

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