Maastricht, a culture of biking

Like any old cities, Maastricht of the Netherlands features a mixture of infrastructures which have witnessed the city history over its past 2000 years.

It is hard to believe that nowadays the city found a way to keep alive these structures and make room for biking lanes.

We rarely saw cars in Maastricht. Instead people bike and share their bike bell sounds across the streets.

We saw people enjoying restaurant food in street. Most of them came by bike and park the bike next to the restaurant.

We saw bikes of all colours and brands. We saw people of all ages biking: parents, grandparents and kids. Family biking seems to be a well-established tradition in the Netherlands.

We noticed that Maastricht’s traffic lights are adapted in such a way to facilitate cycling. The lights are equipped with detection loops so that they turn green before a cyclist reach the traffic light point.

The city heart is car free, but cars are not ban entirely. The city’s main square houses underneath a huge car parking.

There are plans to turn a motorway into a huge biking area lane to transfer the car traffic in a structure of underneath tunnels.

A bike journey in Maastricht is an enjoyable experience with no major risks to get hurt.

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