Twitter: Semantic user and network profiles

A Walk Of Life

Social media platforms and some well-known websites such as Google and Amazon customise the webpages they display to their users, based on their preferences and browsing habits. Therefore, the information in the browser window is personalised and it is based on a so-called “user profile”.

With the introduction of the Semantic Web concept, researchers have looked at the users’ profiles from a semantic angle.

twitter_network_iconGentile et al[1]. (2011) carried out research to profile users from a semantic angle and based on informal communication exchange through email. They claim their study proposes a solution to modelling user expertise from regular email exchange in organisations, where very often, lost knowledge could be easily rescued and stored for re-use purposes to enable quick transfer to newcomers for increasing efficiency in workplace:

“Extracting information from informal communication exchanges could be hugely beneficial for knowledge management inside an organisation, as it offers means…

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