Communication: From science to feelings and instinct

A Walk Of Life

What is it like to be a spokesperson for the EU Budget?

As a student in your last year of Multilingual Communication, you are bound to think more and more about your future job. Over the last few months, I have found myself thinking about thousands of options such as becoming a social media consultant, assistant in human resources or even a spokesperson. Well, why not? Becoming a spokesperson will definitely not happen overnight for an (almost) freshly-graduated student like me but I was still curious to find out what this job involves, aside from simply being an excellent communicator.

Patrizio Fiorilli answering journalists' questions Patrizio Fiorilli answering journalists’ questions

Mr Patrizio Fiorilli was very kind to meet with me at the Berlaymont. You might think that meeting the spokesperson for the European Union’s budget made me nervous but Mr Fiorilli was very friendly and easy-going. You can tell that he has got a genuine…

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