The Four Seasons of my Earlier Years: My Springs

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The spring of my childhood meant Easter break, some work in the wet and refreshed fields, some long walks to the nearest grove, nine kilometres away, the little March amulet tradition and the privilege to get some new shoes or new clothes as an Easter present.

Easter was the major event in spring. People refreshed and cleaned their houses by painting the inside and outside walls of their houses as well as the fences surrounding the houses. I took part in these activities in our house. For some years my main task was to do the fence and the tree trunks, while my parents and the others were in charge of painting the house.

Painting the fence with calcimine took me about two days, while painting the tree trunks took me about four days as I needed to paint the trunks as such, about 60-80 cm from the ground and…

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3 Responses to The Four Seasons of my Earlier Years: My Springs

  1. Viorica Nastase says:

    It’s a short, but such a real description of the spring of our childhood in the country side! I Close my eyes and I am really THERE, like time, like space… Thank you!

  2. petrudumitru says:

    I thank you for visiting the page! Mulțumesc și mă bucur să aud că te regăsești în aceste rânduri! Cu bine!

  3. Viorica Nastase says:

    Sincerelly! Maybe I’m not so good in English, but I can’t keep for me only what I felt reading your words. Many people can find themself in your post. It’s the reason I wrote about my feelings.

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