Victoriana: The Art of Revival

So many things in just one blog article, well done! It was an excellent discovery for myself and thank you for sharing it as I was unable to visit it when hanging around in London last summer. I will try to make it up with the book you bought there.

Atât de multe lucruri frumoase concentrate într-un articol de blog, felicitări! A fost o excelentă revelație și pentru mine, mulțumesc, cum nu am putut-o vizita pe când eram în Londra vara trecută. Voi încerca să recuperez citind cartea pe care ai cumpărat-o acolo.

A Walk Of Life

From the macabre to the quaint, this major exhibition explores the work of artists over the last twenty years who have been inspired by the nineteenth Century. Victoriana is a multi-media, multi-sensory show, featuring graphic design, film, photography, ceramics, taxidermy, furniture, textiles and fine art, taking a curious overview of our enduring fascination with the past.”


I don’t think I can describe Victoriana’s richness better than this. I love art revivals, they’re the best way to remind us of the past, both its beauty and its mistakes from which we have to learn. I didn’t even know that Victoriana is the first exhibition in the UK to “offer a major examination of Victorian revivalism in all its forms”. From the moment I read about it on the website, I wanted to rush to the gallery and spend hours there. I don’t think I’d ever been so excited about…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging! 🙂 🙂

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